The maritime security consultancy Dryad Global reported that the Load carrier Zhen Hua 7, flying the flag of Liberia, had been attacked by pirates 13 November in the northwest of the island of Sao Tome and that 14 Chinese sailors among the 27 crew members had been kidnapped.

Another sailor was shot and wounded in the assault.

The same source said that the Ghanaian flagged AM Delta cargo vessel was also boarded 16 November by pirates in the south of Brass, off Nigeria, and 5 Ghanaian crew members were kidnapped.

The AM Delta was left adrift with 2 sailors on board. The attackers also damaged the ship’s communication and navigation equipment.

We remind you that the threat of piracy remains widespread in the Gulf of Guinea (attacks on commercial vessels, container ships, oil tankers, cargo theft and crew kidnappings for ransom), where Dryad Global has recorded 115 kidnappings since the start of 2020.

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