Philippines’ authorities announced 2 November that around 20 people had died during the passage of typhoon Rolly, especially in the islands of Catanduanes and Luzon (see our recent alerts Philippines).

During its passage on these islands 1st November, Rolly reached the force of a ‘super-typhoon’.

The typhoon caused important damages, especially in the Catanduanes Island and the province of Albay, with 10 thousands of houses destroyed.

According to local sources, more than 25,000 houses have been destroyed or damaged and around 11 towns were not accessible. 

After passing by Manilla, Rolly headed towards the South China Sea.

The typhoon should now impact the central provinces of Vietnam between 4 and 6 November. In this context, heavy rainfall are to be expected in the country. Rolly should lose its intensity in the next few days to become a tropical storm.

We recommend to follow the local information, especially on the website of Vietnam meteorological and hydrological administration, as well as the eventual instructions of local authorities.

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