Protests and tensions are intensifying while the vote count continues across the country 4 November (see our previous alerts).

Clashes between security forces and protesters are currently underway in New York. An important police deployment has been reported, especially on Union Square. Incidents also took place on 5th Ave & E 8th St. Thousands of supporters of the democrat candidate marched to ask that the votes would be counted again.

Violent clashes are also underway in Portland where the National Guard has been deployed. Acts of vandalism and lootings are currently take place, according to social media.

Similar incidents were taking place in Minneapolis, where police is currently intervening. Protesters would have blocked the Interstate 94.

In the Michigan State, in Détroit, pro-Trump protesters gathered in front of the vote count center to demand the suspension of the counting. Pro-Biden protesters also gathered in the area, where the situation is now tense.

Several people have been arrested.

The results of the States of Nevada, Pennsylvania and North Carolina and Georgia are still awaited and will be determining.

The democrat candidate Joe Biden won the States of Wisconsin and Michigan and is now getting closer to the victory of the presidential elections. He has now 264 electoral votes.

His republican rival Donald Trump has 214 electoral votes but still maintains he had won the vote. President Donald Trump’s team is demanding the recount of the vote in Wisconsin and the suspension of the counting in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Donald Trump denounced frauds and is threatening to seize the Supreme Court.

The results of these elections could be known by 5 November morning.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the election and this tense context, it is advisable to steer clear from any gathering in the coming days, given the risk of violence.

Ongoing violence is expected in the next few hours.

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