According to local sources, clashes between security forces are reportedly underway in Kampala, in the wake of the arrest of Bobi Wine, opponent and candidate in the 2021 presidential election (SSF 18/11/2020 and earlier). The security forces are reportedly patrolling the capital, where the situation remains very tense.

According to several local sources, security forces in Kampala reportedly used live ammunition and tear gas against demonstrators. Several roads in the business district are reportedly blocked by barricades of tyres and rubbish. Several scenes of violence were reported throughout the city.

Security forces reportedly pursued demonstrators taking refuge in shopping malls, where tear gas was reportedly fired.

According to an updated death toll by the security forces, violence on 18 November left at least 7 people dead and 45 injured in the capital (SSF 18/11/2020). Similar clashes had been reported in Jinja, Masaka, Mukono and Mityana. A sit-in by supporters of Bobi Wine was also reported outside the police station in Nalufenya-Jinja (East of the country), where the opponent is detained.

We remind you that Bobi Wine is arrested by the security forces on a regular basis. For example, he was apprehended 3 November after he submitted his candidacy for the presidential elections (SSF 04/11/2020). Unrest had also been reported the same day on the fringes of an opposition rally.

Ongoing demonstrations and tension should be expected in the coming hours and days. It is advisable to keep well away from all mob movements due to the risk of clashes.

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