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Inspired by the movement of El Kamour (see our previous alerts), young people of the regions of Thyna (Sfax Governorate) and El Hajeb El Ayoun (Kairouan Governorate) organized a sit-in in the oil field region of Guediba 19 November. Protesters were demanding ‘development, creation of jobs and were protesting against the unemployment’. Protesters also threatened to block the production of oil. Some local sources reported that the mobilization started 5 days ago.

Inhabitants of El Ayoun (Kasserine governorate) held a sit-in near the oil field of Douleb 17 November. Demonstrators also demanded the development of the region. On 16 November, protesters blocked the entrances of the headquarters of the Bank for the financing of small and medium sized enterprises denouncing the non-funding of their projects.

Intensification of social protests are to be anticipated in the next few days, especially in the oil fields of the country.

It is recommended to stay well away from all gatherings or mob movements.

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