According to the local press, more than 10,000 protesters participated to the pro-democracy protest of 8 November in Bangkok and asked again for the departure of Prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and reforms of the monarchy (SSF 06/11/2020).

Local authorities said that only 7,000 protesters gathered.

The protest was marred by violence that erupted when security forces intervened to disperse the demonstrators by using water cannons around the Royal palace. Some protesters threw projectiles at them.

Police declared that they had not used the water cannons directly towards the protesters but that they had ‘fired in the air’.

Protesters, who were marching from the Democracy Monument towards the Royal Palace, were blocked by barricades made by the security forces.

Besides, according to local sources, a Russian citizen has been reportedly attacked during a pro-democracy protest in Pattaya 8 November near the Jomtien beach. The victim would have been attacked by a protester. The conditions of the aggression are still unknown and no further information has been given.  

Ongoing protests are to be anticipated during the next few days.

As there is a risk of intervention of security forces, that usually use force to disperse the protesters and make arrests, it is recommended to stay well away from all protest movements and to monitor the development of the situation in the coming days.

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