Thousands of pro-democracy protesters gathered in the evening of 18 November in the center of Bangkok.

This new demonstration comes the day after clashes erupted with security forces and ultra-royalist groups, in which 6 protesters were injured by gunshots (SSF 17/11/2020). Police also used tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters that were merging towards the Parliament, where MPs were debating on a possible reform of the Constitution. Around 50 people were injured.

On 18 November, protesters gathered massively in front of the police headquarters, where dump trucks, concrete blocks and barbed wire were installed to protect the building. Earlier in the day, the spokesperson of the national police warned protesters not to approach the building and he added that more than 2,000 policemen had been deployed to protect it. However, angry demonstrators threw projectiles, including water and paint, on the police headquarters. The police, barricaded inside, did not intervene.

Des manifestants en colère ont toutefois lancé des projectiles, dont de l’eau et de la

Renewed political demonstrations should be expected given that parliament is set to continue its debates. Please keep away from the area around parliament, as well as traditional rallying places such as Democracy Monument and the adjacent Ratchadamnoen Avenue.

Security reinforcements should be expected. Renewed incidents should not be ruled out.

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