In a meteorological bulletin published 4 November, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) reported that the tropical storm Siony was currently located at 755 km east of Basco (Batanes) and was currently slowly moving in an easterly direction. The storm will then take a north-west direction.

Siony will impact the north of the Luzon Island and the strait of Luzon. The centre of the tropical storm will approach between 5 and 6 November, the islands of Batanes and Babuyan.

Siony should then intensify to become a ‘severe tropical storm’ during the next 24 hours before touching base in the north of Luzon. It will come with strong winds that will impact the islands of Batanes and Babuyan and the northern coastal regions of the provinces of Cagayan and Ilocos Norte. A warning for winds of cyclone force has been made for several regions of the north of Luzon Island.

Torrential rains are also to be expected in the regions of BicolSamar North, the provinces of Aurora, of Quezon and the east of the provinces Isabela and Cagayan. Landslides and flooding are not excluded. 

According to the same sources, it is not excluded that the tropical storm intensifies into a typhoon.

We remind you that the super-typhoon Rolly, the most powerful of 2020, stroke the Philippines on 1st November, causing important damages and the death of around 20 people. Emergency operations are still underway in the country, and the access to several cities are still blocked (see our previous alerts).

We recommend to follow the local informations and especially on the PAGASA website, and the eventual instructions of local authorities.  

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