The Peruvian Interim President Manuel Merino announced at TV 15 November his resignation, just 5 days after taking his duties which provoked violent protests across the country (see our previous alerts).

This announcement comes the day after a violent repression of demonstrations demanding for his resignation and that made 2 people killed in Lima. Following the violence, 11 ministers also announced their resignation.

New demonstrations took place 15 November in the squares of the centre of Lima. Violence erupted again when protesters threw stones and mortars towards the security forces, who retaliated by firing tear gas.

Gatherings in tribute to the 2 protesters killed 14 November in the fringes of the police repression took place during the night of 15 November on plaza San Martin, and in parque Keneddy in Miraflores.

According to the national of Human Right, 102 people have been wounded, and around 40 are missing. The Health ministry reported 63 people injured and at hospital, including 9 that have been injured by gunshots.

Besides, in a security message issued 15 November, the U.S. diplomatic authorities have warned against ongoing protests in the capital and across Peru and against the political uncertainty in the country. Washington also reported that protests could be more and more frequent.

The Peruvian Congress voted 15 November to elect the successor to Manuel Merino, but no majority has been obtained.

We remind you that Manuel Merino took the presidency 10 November following the destitution of President Martin Vizcarra, accused of corruption. A part of the Peruvian population rejected the destitution of former president.

As there is a context of political uncertainty now in Peru, ongoing protests could persist in the next few days and it is recommended to keep update of the evolution of the situation as there is a risk of socio-political violence.

We recommend to stay away of all gatherings or crowd movement. Clashes are not excluded especially in case of intervention of the police.

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