The centrist MP Francisco Sagasti has been elected President of the Parliament by the MPs, becoming automatically the new Interim President of Peru, according to the Constitution. Francisco Sagasti is now the 3rd head of State of Peru in one week and has the task to end the political crisis which Peru has been sweeping through for several weeks, following the destitution of former president Martin Vizcarra 9 November

He will be president until the elections of April 2021.

The new president was sworn in on 18 November. The Congress approved his election with 97 votes for and 26 against.

We remind you that the opponent Manuel Merino took the presidency 10 November following the destitution of President Martin Vizcarra, accused of corruption. A part of the Peruvian population rejected the destitution of the former president and the election of the opponent also provoked the anger of thousands of protesters who denounced ‘a coup’. These violent protests made 2 people killed in Lima 14 November. The day after, Manuel Merino announced his resignation (see our previous alerts).

As there is a context of institutional uncertainty in Peru, ongoing protests are not excluded in the next few days, despite the election of the new Interim president. It is recommended to follow the evolution of the situation due to a risk of socio-political violence.

We recommend to stay away from all gatherings or crowd movement. Clashes are not excluded especially in case of intervention of the police.

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