In a communique published 18 November, the Nigerian army announced it had neutralized several ‘bandits’ (the exact number has not been given) during a large security operation led on the road Abuja-Kaduna 17 November. The military offensive targeted a camp of bandits set along the expressway where the leader of the gang and its combatants were hiding.

According to the same sources, military troops and air force, led several attacks, as well as airstrikes, against several hideouts used by those ‘bandits’ located around the area of Kuku in the local government of Kagarko.

This army offensive comes after increasing abductions with ransom and deadly attacks targeting travellers along the expressway linking Abuja to Kaduna. Local authorities reported 17 November that around 18 people had been killed, several people injured and others missing, following attacks led by this criminal gangs against the villages of Fatika, Kaya and Yakawada (in the area of the local government of Giwa), Albasu (in the area of the local government of Igabi), as well as a village of the in the area of the local government of Zangon Kataf between 16 and 17 Novembre.

According to a report published 24 August by the human right NGO Amnesty International, those criminals, motivated by money, would have killed at least 1,126 people in the rural region of the north between January and July 2020.

Ongoing violence is to be anticipated.

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