Local authorities declared the state of emergency 10 November in Napier due to floods and landslide caused by intense rains that have been affecting the northern island since the day before.

The bad weather conditions provoked evacuations and power outages in the area of Napier, which city centre was under the water 10 November.

Floods were also affecting the area of Napier Hill.

A part of Havelock Road has been evacuated.

Traffic was cut off on more than 14 roads and streets.

The civil defence services of Hawke’s Bay called protesters to ‘stay home’.

According to the meteorological services of New Zealand (MetService), rains were less intense today in the area but a warning for ‘heavy rains’ was still in effect for Hawke’s Bay.

A yellow alert is in effect in the eastern coast of the northern island due to heavy rains and thunderstorms especially in the areas of Coromandel Peninsula, Bay of Plenty and Gisborne. An orange alert for heavy rains has been made for heavy rains in the regions of Wairarapa and the east of Wellington, where between 25 and 40mn of rain are expected. The MetService has warned against the risk of flooding and landslides in the area.

 We recommend to follow the evolution of the situation, especially via the website of MetService as well as the eventual instructions of local authorities.

 Disruptions are to be expected.  

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