In a communique published in social Medias, the trade union National Coordination of Contract Teachers (CNPCC) announced that a rally of teachers will take place 5 November in Sale.

Demonstrators wants a ‘better integration’.

Participants will gather in front of the direction provinciale de Salé at 11:00 (local time).

We remind you that contract teachers launched an important national contest movement in 2019 to protest against precariousness and to ask for the same rights then their civil servants colleagues. Several demonstrations have been repressed by the police especially in March 2019. Security forces used water cannons to disperse thousands of teachers gathered in Rabat.

As a reminder, gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited in the country due to the pandemic of coronavirus (Covid-19).

In this context, given the risk of intervention of the security forces, we recommend to stay well away from all gatherings. Disruptions are expected.

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