The former pro-European Prime Minister Maia Sandu won the second turn of the presidential election of 15 November capturing 57% percent of the vote, according to information of the Central Election Commission (CEC) (see our previous alerts).

The outgoing pro-Russian president Igor Dodon, targeted by corruption accusations, won 43% of the votes. He first denounced frauds on the votes made abroad, before recognizing 16 November his defeat and congratulated his rival. The pro-Russian candidate also denounced ‘a direct interference of the occidental leaders’ but has called his supporters ‘to stay calm’.

The victory of the pro-European candidate is a setback for Moscow, who called the Moldavian to vote for Igor Dodon to guarantee the narrow economic tights between the 2 countries. This election has been perceived as a ‘referendum on 2 opposed vision concerning the future of Moldova, between those who prefer to favour narrow relations with the European Union (EU) and those who prefer to keep the tights with Russia’.

Maia Sandu, leader of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS, centre-right) has promised she would fight against corruption, endemic in the country’.

Celebrations took place during the night of 15 to 16 November, especially in front of the electoral HQ of the opponent in the city centre of the capital.

We remind you that in an update of its “Travel advice” section, the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) warned its nationals against the risk of gatherings in the downtown of the capital Chișinău after the announcement of results.

In this context, it is not excluded that supporters of Igor Dodon gather in the next few days. Clashes between rival supporters or in case of police intervention are not excluded, despite the fact that there are highly unlikely to happen. Security reinforcement is expected. We remind you that it is advised to stay well away from all gatherings or crowd movement.

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