Several extreme right-wing organisations, including the Falange Española de las JONS, have called for mobilisations to be held on 20 November to mark the anniversary of the deaths of Francisco Franco (1975) and José Antonio Primo de Rivera (1936), founder and ideologue of the Falange Española.

20 November, an evening march will take place from Calle de Génova to the Valle de los Caídos, without further details.

There will also be a religious service from 19:00 (local time) in the Santa Barbara parish in the capital.

Finally, a gathering will also be held at the Mingorrubio-El Pardo cemetery, where Franco is buried.

Counter-mobilisations and violence are possible on the fringes of the above-mentioned events.

Security reinforcements and disruptions are to be expected.

As every year, a rally is also planned on 22 November in Plaza de Oriente, between 11:30 and 14:30. This demonstration has been banned by the authorities. It is unclear at the moment whether or not the event will take place. In the event of an effective mobilisation, the demonstrators will protest in particular against the « democratic memory » bill of the Pedro Sanchez government (PSOE-PSC-UP coalition), which could criminalize any act of exaltation of the dictatorship and consider an exhumation of José Antonio Primo de Rivera from the Valle de los Caídos.

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