According to local media sources, unrest and localised incidents have been seen in Abidjan’s Yopougon district today.

Some media reports mentioned opposition rallies led by groups of youths in the area.

At least one vehicle is believed to have been set on fire in the Niangon area, close to the Carrefour Académie, where burning roadblocks were also apparently reported this morning.

The police were deployed to disperse the protesters.

Post-election tensions are still running high despite the recent meeting held between opponent Henri Konan Bédié (PDCI) and the re-elected President Alassane Ouattara, though some opposition groups have called for « civil disobedience » to resume from 16 November.

The opposition is demanding several conditions prior to any potential political dialogue, notably the release of political prisoners and the return of exiled leading politicians. The authorities had previously launched legal proceedings following the creation of the « National Transitional Council » and arrested one of the main opponents and presidential candidate, Pascal Affi N’Guessan 9 November.

Therefore, localised demonstrations which could give rise to sporadic violence should not be ruled out in the coming days.

It is advisable to keep well away from all mob movements.

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