According to local sources, around 200 students protested 19 November during a graduation ceremony at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), defying the national security law imposed by China to counter the massive protests in the territory.

The pro-democracy demonstration took place on the Sha Tin campus. Demonstrators marched from University MTR station to the campus. Demonstrators then dispersed near the University Mall.

Pro-independence slogans have been heard during the protest, those had been declared illegal by the new national security law.

Graffiti were applied on several walls of the university.

A police investigation is underway.

We remind you that the national security law imposed by China to the special administrative region had been adopted bypassing the Hong Kong Parliament following a huge pro-independence contest movement that started in 2019 (see our previous alerts). This unprecedented security locking of Hong Kong was imposed in the fringes of this new security law and brought a restoration of order in the territory.

However, we warn you against ongoing pro-democracy protests in the next few days, and against a risk of violence in case of security forces intervention.

It is advised to stay well away from all gatherings or mob movement.

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