The opposition, still contesting the re-election of President Alpha Condé (see our previous alerts), called for the resumption of national demonstrations from 3 November. 

In this context, new mobilisations are to be expected in urban centres. 

Despite the calls from the opposition, no major rallies were reported on 3 November in Conakry, where traffic remained largely fluid. In Labé, a march took place peacefully. Economic activities were also partially paralysed, with several shops and markets closed in the capital and urban centers.

Ten opposition candidates had rejected the provisional results of the ballot 30 October. Some parties also announced they will challenge the election result in the Constitutional Court.

As a reminder, in Conakry the Route le prince, Fidel Castro highway (N1), the Cosa, Bambeto, Hamdallaye and airport roundabouts, as well as the outlying districts of the capital should be avoided.  

We warn against the risk of incidents. As a reminder, the post-election violence has caused around twenty deaths. 

Security is likely to be stepped up. 

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