Local media sources reported that protests were called for 18 November in Berlin to protest against the new restrictions linked to Covid-19 and that will be voted on the same day by the 2 German Parliamentary chambers (Bundesrat and Bundestag).

The Federal Interior ministry announced 17 November it had banned a series of protests, especially near the 2 chambers of Parliament. Local authorities also think these protests are a threat to security and public order and fear it could ‘disturb the activities of the parliament and the access to the buildings’. The ministry also reported it had identified on social Media ‘calls to block the access to the Bundestag and Bundesrat’. We remind you that a similar protest was marred with violence and by an attempt of intrusion in one of the parliamentary chambers.

Besides, the police also reported a risk of attack targeting the Parliament and its employees. An important security reinforcement is to be expected near the Bundesrat and Bundestag in the capital. Despite these measures, some protesters are still maintaining their calls to protest and have called to gather near the parliamentary chambers, especially from 14:00 (local time) on the PLatz del Republik (where the Bundestag is located).

Similar protests are not excluded in other cities.

Heightened security and disruptions are to be anticipated. According to the local press, the police fear that radical and violent protests join the protests and that they could cause violence. In this sense, clashes are not excluded, especially in case of intervention of the security sources. It is recommended to be vigilant in the city center in the next hours and to avoid any demonstrations and mob movement.

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