According to local sources, a demonstration against the restrictions linked to Covid-19, took place 18 November, was marred with clashes between demonstrators and policemen in Berlin (SSF 18/11/2020).

The Federal Interior ministry banned 17 November a series of protests set to take place 18 November, especially near the 2 chambers of Parliament. Local authorities also thought these protests were a threat to security and public order and feared it could ‘disturb the activities of the parliament and the access to the buildings’. The ministry also reported it had identified on social Media ‘calls to block the access to the Bundestag and Bundesrat’.

Violence took place in the centre of the capital, especially at Brrandenburger Tor where between 5,000 to 10,000 people gathered, before being dispersed by security forces. Police used water cannon and pepper sprays, in retaliation to stone, bottles and bangers throwing.

Around 365 people have been arrested, according to local authorities. Around 10 policemen were injured.

These protests took place following a vote of the 2 chambers of the parliament (Bundestag and Bundesrat). The parliament adopted 18 November a reform enrolling in the national law a series of measures to fight the propagation of the virus.

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