According to local sources, clashes erupted 10 November at the entrance of the Aristide-Briand highschool in Saint-Nazaire.

These violence took place in the fringes of a protest and opposed around 300 students to security forces.

Police retaliated to projectiles firing by using tear gas.

The clashes spread all over the boulevard de Coubertin and the Anita-Conti school.

Several protesters have been arrested.

Demonstrators were protesting for a reinforcement of the sanitary protocol, in support to their teachers who are doing a strike for the same reasons. Similar protests took place 5 and 6 November and were also marred by clashes between protesters and security forces, making 3 people injured, including 2 policemen.

An important security reinforcement has been made in the city.

In this context, ongoing protests and violence, especially in case of intervention of the security forces, is expected in the next few days.

We recommend to stay well away from all gatherings.

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