According to several media, the head of the Tigray region claimed responsibility for the bombing of the Eritrean capital, Asmara, in a statement released 15 November (SSF 14/11/2020). 

According to the same source, at least 3 rockets were fired from northern Ethiopia, 2 of them hit Asmara airport. No human toll has been communicated. 

According to the Sudanese authorities, at least 25,000 Ethiopians have fled the fighting in the direction of Sudan since 9 November (especially in Gedaref and Kessala States). 

Mediation between the Ethiopian government and the dissident authorities in Tigray is due to begin 16 November in Uganda. 

In response to these incidents, an intensification of the Ethiopian offensive is to be expected in the short term in Tigray, while further rocket attacks by the TPLF outside Tigray cannot be ruled out. 

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