A new anti-government protest took place 18 November in Santiago to demand the resignation of President Sebastian Piñera and against police repression.

The demonstration was marred with violence. Police fired tear gas and used water cannons to disperse around 500 protesters that were marching towards palais de la Moneda. Similar violence were also reported around Casa Central de la Universidad de Chile. Barricade were burnt in Paseo Ahumada.

Protesters also blocked the main avenue of the capital Alameda during 2 hours. The underground of Santiago also closed several stations due to protests and clashes around la Moneda.  

Important travel disruptions were reported.

The protest came 3 weeks after Chileans voted overwhelmingly 25 October in a referendum to replace the Constitution following a massive popular uprising against social inequalities in the country that was triggered by a rising public transport fares in Santiago. The demonstrators who gathered 18 November denounced the ‘inaction of the government following the referendum’ and are still asking for the resignation of the Head of State whom they accuse to ‘systematically violate the Human Rights’. The Chilean Interior Minister Victor Perez announced his resignation 3 November after the Chamber of deputies suspended him for accusations of police violence during the previous protests.

In this context, ongoing demonstrations and violence are to be expected in the next few days. Travel disruptions should be expected. It is recommended to stay well away from all gatherings or mob movement. Clashes are not excluded in case of a police intervention.

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