According to official sources, the Austrian police raided 9 November more than 60 houses across the country, in the fringes of an anti-terrorist operation. The people targeted by these operations are suspected of having links with the Islamist sphere such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Hamas, according to the public prosecutor’s department.

This anti-terrorist operation started in 2019 and won’t have any link with the Islamic State group (IS) terror attack of 2 November in Vienna that made 3 people killed.

Around 30 people would have been arrested 9 November. The public prosecutor’s department reported that they were arrested for ‘suspicion on the creation of a terrorist organization, financing terrorism and money laundering’.

These operations took place in the provinces of Styria, Carinthia, Lower Austria and Vienna.

The Interior ministry reported that these ‘police searches had the objectif to attack the roots of the Political Islam’.

Ongoing security operations are to be anticipated in the next few days across the Austrian territory.

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