Several civil society organisations called for a national mobilisation on 11 November in Luanda, coinciding with the celebrations of the 45th anniversary of Independence. The Independence celebrations will start at 07:00 (local time) at the Museum of the Angolan Armed Forces.

According to local sources, protesters are expected to mobilise from 11:00 (local time) at Largo do Cemitério de Santa Ana before marching towards Largo da Independência.

The organisers have indicated that the demonstration will take place despite the ban on assembly issued by the authorities.

The protesters will denounce the deterioration of socio-economic conditions, repression of civic freedoms and also called for the organization of municipal elections in 2021.

The demonstration will take place in a tense context as several organisers of the 11 November demonstrations were arrested on 7 November in Huíla before being released.

A similar demonstration on 24 October was repressed by the security forces and resulted in the arrest and conviction of 71 people. Several demonstrations were held in the following days in front of the Provincial Court of Luanda in solidarity with the arrested demonstrators.

Increased security as well as clashes with the security forces are to be expected on the sidelines of the opposition mobilisations. Similar rallies are not to be excluded in other urban centres.

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