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CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC – Constitutional Court decision expected in the coming days on candidates allowed to run for the 27 December presidential election – Rallies of rival supporters expected, risk of violence

The Constitutional Court is expected to release in the next few days the list of candidates authorised to run for the 27 December presidential election. Among the 22 registered candidates, François Bozizé (president from 2003 - 2013) could see his candidacy rejected...

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BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA – Sarajevo: continued anti-immigration mobilisation not to be excluded following the murder of a local resident – Security reinforcements and disruption to be expected

According to local sources, hundreds of anti-immigration demonstrators mobilised on 18 November in the Ilidža municipality in Sarajevo following the murder of a man in the same area the day before. Two other people were reportedly seriously injured in the incident,...

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SPAIN – Madrid: extreme right-wing demonstrations on 20 and 22 November on the anniversary of the deaths of Franco (1975) and José Antonio Primo de Rivera (1936) – Security reinforcements to be anticipated and counter-mobilisations not to be excluded

Several extreme right-wing organisations, including the Falange Española de las JONS, have called for mobilisations to be held on 20 November to mark the anniversary of the deaths of Francisco Franco (1975) and José Antonio Primo de Rivera (1936), founder and...

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NIGERIA – Kaduna State: new army offensive against positions of bandits on the road linking Abuja to Kaduna – Increasing abductions and attacks led by criminal gangs on this expressway that cause at least 18 dead in the last few days

In a communique published 18 November, the Nigerian army announced it had neutralized several ‘bandits’ (the exact number has not been given) during a large security operation led on the road Abuja-Kaduna 17 November. The military offensive targeted a camp of bandits...

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THAILAND – Bangkok: ongoing pro-democracy protests to anticipate in the next few days especially in the fringes of a debate in Parliament concerning an eventual constitutional reform – Risk of violence

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters gathered in the evening of 18 November in the center of Bangkok. This new demonstration comes the day after clashes erupted with security forces and ultra-royalist groups, in which 6 protesters were injured by gunshots (SSF...

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THAILANDE – Bangkok : poursuite des manifestations pro-démocratie à anticiper au cours des prochains jours notamment en marge du débat au Parlement d’une possible réforme constitutionnelle – Risque de violence

Des milliers de manifestants pro-démocratie se sont rassemblés dans la soirée du 18 novembre dans le centre de Bangkok. Cette nouvelle mobilisation survient au lendemain des affrontements avec les forces de l’ordre et des ultra-royalistes ayant fait au moins 6...

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